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has happened to schools???

I didn't want to send Lissy to this school to begin with, due to it's reputation. I immediately put in for a transfer, because I didn't feel the school would fit her well at all. As if to punctuate my feelings, she was stabbed in the leg with a plastic fork last Friday. Monday, I went in with her and was told that nothing could be done other than to have her desk moved. The kid she was seated next to next must have thought, "Hey, he got away with it and she got in trouble." This kid started punching and kicking her on Tuesday. I went in on Wednesday and asked the teacher to watch him, and she caught him. That same day, I got a letter from the principal that she was going to turn down my transfer request. He stole and broke Lissy's crayons on Wednesday, and I found them in his desk on Thursday. These were the chunky Crayolas, not cheap and hard to break. Told me the kid has a bit of an anger issue. I also witnessed the kid who stabbed her with the fork being taken from class for harassing other kids. I called the School District on multiple lines, giving oral statements each time. They told me to write it all up and hand it to the principal. The principal did not seem to take the issues seriously, so I called the region. The next day, I was essentially kicked out of Lissy's school by the principal, because it's "against school policy" for me to be in her classroom with out a background check, even though the teacher wanted me there. I basically said to her, "If I don't send her in because she's being harassed, I go to jail for 'neglect'. If I escort her into class because she's being harassed, I'm going to jail for trespassing. So you're telling me I go to jail for caring about my kid either way?" I went home and called the region again. Fortunately, my words to the secretary the day before (Basically: "It could be worse...She may be coming home bruised, but at least she's coming home alive.") stuck. Last night, I got a call from the regional superintendent. He told me that he would be able to help me with the transfer next week.

I just can't imagine what would have happened if I hadn't fought so hard and injected myself so much. The worst part is knowing that there are other kids who are going to be the victims now and that they may have parents who don't care as much.

Also, I can't believe our state doesn't have a better system for Child Abuse History Background Checks. It's ridiculous that I can get my Criminal Background Check immediately online, but I have to fill out a form with redundant information and wait weeks for the DPW to clear me just to go into my own child's classroom.

It was an annoying week, but I'm glad it's finally working out and will be over soon. I already looked into home schooling, just in case we run into problems after the transfer. I hope we don't have to take that step, so that she can enjoy a normal education with other kids.
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