Chrissy (honneylove) wrote,


Stupid PMS...I did not miss you at all...

The hormonal mood swing of doom made me so upset that I could not motivate mself last night...I wanted to do one of two things and since I had no tickets for either, though I probaly could have gotten them no problem for at least one, I sat and cried...I should have just gone to the New Kids show...I kept saying I didn't want to go alone, but I'm sure I would have run into people I know...If Bill and I had gone up to The Ritz for Bruce Campbell, I knew we'd run into people, but I didn't know if anybody would have extra tickets...So, upset and torn, I decided to just do nothing, except sulk and make everyone around me just as miserable until they or I went to sleep.

Not good...Thank goodness that the baby slept through the night and I got to wake up feeling human again...Thank goodness that I have a loving, understanding family who accepts me for the whacko I can be...Thank goodness today is a new day.
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