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Rez made the Fox Philly Phillies Phan page!

The link to the pic is not working...Doh! It's in the fan section of used this one:

Last time the Phillies went to the World Series, I lived literally a block away from here...It was also the last season I didn't attend a game...Perhaps my geographic location and lack of attendance during the season are good!

In other news, I'll be going back to work as of this week...Part-time temporary until I find something permanent...I interviewed at Hahnemann last week and have a phone interview with Pricewaterhouse Coopers this week...The PWC interview is my second huge interview this year...Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu was also huge to me...Hahnemann is in the same vein as PNC: local big interviews...If you could put interviews on your resume, mine would feel much more impressive...It would be nice if one would finally pay off...
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