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Pee-pee Tee-pees, Boo-boo Bunnies, and Zombies.

Yesterday was quite the day.

We had a visit from my grandfather, his wife, and my cousin in the afternoon...They came bearing the first 2 mentioned items...Then we got ready and went to the Zombie Prom...Bill went despite the fact that it was an Eagles night, so I know he really does love me more than them...He still got to watch the game in the Balcony and tracked the game on his cell when we weren't up there, so we were both really happy...We didn't get all zombified, since the makeup was kind of hard to get off last year...I didn't want to be scaring Lissy's classmates this morning...Though, that would have been extremely amusing!...It was just great to get out for a bit and see other grownups, especially some of the grownups I miss lots when I can't get out!

Pics are up here:
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