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More WTF...

Today was the beginning of P.A.C.K. (Pack Assorted Colors for Kids) Week...Cute idea...I make sure Lissy's lunches are healthy anyway, but they got to wear colors to match the days...Today is Purple Day...Lissy went to school dressed in head to toe purple...Adorable, right?...Not so much when you look around the yard and no one else is wearing so much as a stitch of purple...It's like the parents didn't get the memo...Worse yet, I think they got it and didn't care...I can't wrap my head around it...No matter how much I see, or how much I experience in this school...How can parents just not care?...She's the only kid in her class who goes in with a packed lunch, too...Her school is a "Universal Feeding" school, so lunches are free and they even give them breakfast...I always make sure she has something healthy in case she doesn't like what they're having...Are parents really that far gone that they can't make sure their kids are healthy themselves?...Do they really trust what has already proven to me to be a broken establishment more than they trust themselves?...Why the hell don't these people care???? And how is it that I come off looking like June fucking Cleaver????

Almost every mother on my block calls me nuts for breastfeeding...The other kids think the fact that I won't just let Lissy play in the middle of the street is odd...Someone said to me the other day, "You sit and do her homework with her???"...I get funny looks on Recycle Day because I have so much more recycling than trash...When Lissy was having 2-8 friends over every day during the summer, people asked me how I could stand it...I refuse to get a bouncer or swing for Reznor because I'd rather hold him when he's not sitting in his car seat, and people still ask me if I want one...I put a bookcase in Lissy's room and one of the kids asked if it meant she was finally getting a tv in her room. When I said no, it means she's getting books in her room, they looked at me like I was that witch in Hansel & Gretel...I talked to a couple of other moms on Back to School Night about the fact that the school doesn't have a Home and School Association and they looked at me like I was Madame Defarge...I mean, seriously, since when does being a good, involved parent make people think you're nuts???

Regardless of how anyone feels about what I do, I'm going to keep making what I feel are common-sense, good choices for my kids...Even if I can't make a difference in what other people do now, I'll hopefully be giving my kids the tools to make a difference in the future.

I don't mean that in a high-horse way, because I'm sure that's how some would take it...I'm just expressing how I feel right now from honest observation of this situation...I am well aware that I'm far more idealistic than most people let themselves be...I just don't think it's wrong to be so idealistic, especially when it comes to my kids.
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